Eloping Destinations

The true meaning of "To elope" means travelling to a secret ceremony without guests and usually away from your home destination. These days many couples aren't so secretive and actually do inform friends and family of their plans before they elope. An elopement is a bit different from a destination wedding because it is often cheaper and features fewer guests if any. Some couples do take along a few guests like parents or best friends while most run off alone to tie the knot. There are all kinds of romantic eloping destinations to consider if you want to get married this way.

There are many things to think about when choosing your eloping destination. First, your budget should be taken into account. How much money you have will make a big difference in the details and destination of your wedding. If you can afford it, you could fly off to beautiful Hawaii or the Caribbean and get married on the beach. Florida and California are also great places to have a romantic beach wedding. Another idea is to go to Las Vegas. This glittering city is known for its plethora of chapels and quickie weddings.

A location that has married many celebrities as well as numerous average couples is the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas. This chapel has an indoor area as well as a drive through area that offers $49 weddings. This is about as cheap as it gets and also as fast. If you want to get married in minutes and don't have much money, the drive through at this chapel might be a fun solution. There are plenty of other chapels in Vegas as well as casino resorts that offer luxurious wedding packages for eloping couples.

The local Justice of the Peace is another one of the most popular eloping destinations. If you just want to get married and don't care about traveling to an exotic or romantic location head down to your local courthouse. You can obtain your marriage license and arrange to be wed by an official qualified to perform these non-religious ceremonies. This option is cheap, fast and can be done in less than a day from start to finish. It may not be the most romantic destination for a wedding but it is an easy choice for many couples whose focus is getting legally wed in a hurry for a bargain price.



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